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Offering an effective and economical solution to Health & Safety compliance, our range of safety barriers is designed for use at road construction sites, road works and closures, car parks and for pedestrian control at building or work sites.

All our barrier products are manufactured to provide strength, durability and are impervious to normal internal and external environmental conditions found in the workplace. The unique design minimises assembly and installation costs and the material of construction ensures low maintenance costs with minimal ongoing repair and replacement costs.

Armco Car Park BarriersThe many advantages of our safety barrier design include:

  • Portable and reusable
  • Easy to stack, store and transport
  • Eliminate the need for crane and boom trucks
  • Ensure less damage to equipment and personnel
  • Provide year-round service in any climate
  • Will accept display banners for advertising and fencing

Armco Car Parking Solutions

The problem of unauthorised car parking can be overcome by with Armco parking poles – a range of hinged, removable or fixed posts. All these posts can be used individually or in combinations to provide effective control.

One of our most popular products, Armco parking poles are easy to lock in the vertical or horizontal position, providing effective parking control.

Providing the perfect solution for unwanted vehicle access in both manned and unmanned vehicle parks, as well as the perfect deterrent against the most determined intruder, we can supply and install electrically controlled rising ramps.

Speed Restraints

 Restricting vehicle speed is becoming more important.  To enable you to control this we supply a range of high visibility sleeping policemen or ramps that are versatile and effective at restricting speeds to below 15mph.  Manufactured from recycled rubber, they are designed to suit HGVs, buses, light commercial vehicles and cars.

 One-way flow plates are designed to restrict traffic flow to one direction.  Manufactured from heavy duty steel, these plates are not suitable where HGVs have access.

Rubber Barriers

 Rubber barriers are ideal for protecting walls, plant and equipment from light impacts from fork lifts, pallet trucks, trolleys and the like.  Made from EPDM or SBR rubber, our range is easy to install and very cost effective in helping to prevent expensive and unsightly damage.

If you require an experienced team to design and install your security system, please contact us for more information.  We look forward to working with you!