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Protect your retail premises with effective deterrents to vandals and thieves

Vio Network supply and install a range of security grilles and shutters designed to act as a deterrent and obstacle to potential thieves or vandals. 

Our products are invaluable to a range of businesses and organisations, including offices, retail outlets, schools, universities, restaurants, community centres and domestic properties across the UK.

  • Extruded Aluminium Continental Shutters
    These high security shutters feature small, neat headboxes making them ideal for applications where an aesthetically pleasing finish is particularly desirable.  We can provide shutters for manual or electrical operation.
  • Traditional Galvanised Steel Shutters
    A highly visible deterrent device, our range of traditional steel shutters is best suited to industrial applications.  With a 75mm solid galvanised steel latch, we can offer both manual and electrical operation.
  • Vision Shutters
    Uniquely allowing you to display your products whilst offering a high level of protection against intruders, we offer three types of Vision Shutters: traditional perforated shutters, punched shutters and roller grilles.  With various colours and finishes available, these shutters offer up to 65% visibility.
  • Built-In Shutters
    The ultimate in discreet security, this shutter’s box and guides are built into the walls so that during the day there is no visible sign of the shutter.  At night a highly secure barrier can be lowered either manually or electronically.  This device is only suitable for new build properties.
  • Commercial Hinged Gates
    Individually manufactured to suit each opening, these high security gates come with a full-length, anti-jemmy strip for further enhanced security.  Standard specification includes a 40mm x 40mm galvanized steel surround frame with various options up to a full-length leaf hinge.
  • Commercial Steel Doors
    Steel doors are a high security alternative to wooden doors for fire exits or front and back doors to commercial premises.  Manufactured individually to suit each specific opening, a full length security leaf spring is also included as standard. All fixings are inaccessible when the door is closed.
  • Commercial Security Cages
    We provide security caging to provide secondary protection to vulnerable goods in offices or warehouses.  This can incorporate individual units, such as computer server units, or secure areas within buildings, right up to the partitioning of complete warehouses.  Forklifts can be allowed for in the original design.
  • Roller Shutters
    Our individually made roller shutters can be manually operated, hand chain, or electrically operated, powered by a high quality tubular motor.  All guides, canopies, flags & bottom rails etc are also galvanised steel for long lasting effective operation cycle, ensuring the longevity of your roller shutter.
  • Perimeter Security Devices
    An excellent deterrent against potential thieves, the perimeter security devices offered fit to existing fencing, low walls and roof areas. The fitting of perimeter security devices saves a potential fortune in expensive roof type damage.
  • Security Grilles
    Security grilles are ideal for low-key commercial and domestic applications to resist intruders. When not required, the security grilles slide neatly to one side.
  • Steel Door Sets
    We manufacture & install custom-made steel door sets with surrounding frames.  Steel door sets usually replace wooden doors, as they provide a much sterner obstacle.  The steel door sets supplied can be fitted internally or externally, with a variety of hardware options to suit your particular environment.
If you require an experienced team to design and install your security system, please contact us for more information.  We look forward to working with you!